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Star Student MacKenzie Hatanaka

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MacKenzie standing in front of a Mural.

It is with Woodland Pride we introduce MacKenzie Hatanaka as the Star Student of Woodland High School. MacKenzie is a senior, planning to graduate with honors before going off to college at UC Santa Barbara.  She ultimately wants to study nursing. She is very proud of the fact that she committed to UCSB this past summer for soccer. She has met many new friends and is excited to begin this next chapter of her life.


Mac has been inspired by many people in her life but particularly her parents, Jason and Shannon Hatanaka. “They have provided and cared for me my entire life. They have always been on the sidelines letting me experience many things that have helped develop me into who I am today.”  She has also been influenced by many of her teachers, but one in particular has inspired her the most. “Mr. Marin, I hope to be as cool as him one day (Mr. Marin, if you’re reading this, I like extra creditJ).”  She has a great sense of humor.


Mac has also inspired many of her teachers with her infectious smile, her unique style of learning, and her friendly and outgoing personality. “I met Mac when she was a freshmen and knew right away she was destined for great things. She is an amazing athlete, a loyal friend, and a dedicated student.”


“Never had Hatanaka as a student but have coached her for 4 years.

  • 4 year varsity starting goal keeper
  • 4 year TCC all league, including 2 time defensive player of the year.
  • Team captain 2 years
  • Will play soccer at UCSB
  • Have won a national title playing club soccer”


“Mac has the biggest heart a person can have! I have had her as a student for 4 years. It has been a pleasure to see the wonderful young lady she has become. I will definitely missed her when she graduates. “


“Mackenzie works hard, writes beautifully, is all smiles and helpful to others and balances many outside activities with her A+ work.  ;)  But then you know that!!”


Hatanaka is an amazing athlete! But I’ve never had the chance to coach or teach this amazing athlete. Hear she is a great student too.


MacKenzie’s favorite things about high school were the dances, the sports, and the friends she has made.  Her least favorite thing involves sports. “Not being able to have our own football games at our home stadium was so disappointing.” Her funniest moment at WHS was watching Madi Sharp  and Arian Montez dance at the rallies. This was very entertaining to her. The most difficult thing she has ever done was to get an A in Mrs. Ayres’ class but she did it. Her favorite hobbies are playing soccer and hanging out with her friends. 


She will always be remembered as nice, funny, outgoing, and one to watch. She is positive, productive, and professional. GO WOLVES!!!