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An integral component of career pathways is the opportunity for students to experience various levels of work-based learning. This can consist of hearing from career industry speakers, going on work-site tours, working with industry mentors, volunteering, job shadowing, and paid and unpaid internships.
The resources provided within this website were chosen to assist career pathway classroom teachers and pathway coordinators in implementation of the various programs and components that support the effectiveness of the career pathway model of career education.


Completed BEFORE Internship

Completed THROUGHOUT Internship

Completion of Internship


All of the policies above must be followed for insurance purposes SIA’s Workers’ Compensation Program will cover WJUSD’s CTE students injured while participating in unpaid work experience and/or job training if the training is held off of the district’s property and the student is being supervised/trained by a non-district employee.
If a student is injured, the district's injury reporting process should be followed:
Emergency or Life-Threatening
  • Call 911 or go to nearest hospital
  • Report the injury to the CTE Coordinator as soon as possible
  • Report the injury to the CTE Coordinator
  • Have the student call the Early Intervention Nurse at 1-877-742-3467