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College/Career Information

Counselors encourage students to explore their many options beyond high school; this may include going to college, getting a career, and/or entering the military. Counselors do presentations and career & college exploration activities in classes each year, and are available to meet with students individually or in groups to discuss their academic paths and answer questions about life after high school. 
Career Exploration: 
Check out the links below to search occupations, find jobs that fit your personality,
learn how much you can earn, get the latest trends in the job market, and more! 
  • California Career Center: California Department of Education's career planning website with tools to help you map your future for college, apprenticeship, the military or other options.
  • California Career Zone: Provided by the California Department of Education. Explore jobs you might enjoy, and find out how much occupations will pay.
  • Life After College: A tool that can inspire and help students explore careers and colleges. This website provides in-depth information about the career paths of college graduates by job, location and university.
  • My Road Career: Has a personality assessment to get a detailed report on your personality type. Explore a list of suggested careers and majors that fit your personality and strengths.
  • Salary Surfer: California Community College Chancellor's Office tool that provides information about the potential wages of graduates from a California community colleges.
Each student has a account, and can use this to search around, get information, and apply to colleges!

Military Information: 
Click here for some information regarding Military Service and Careers

California Community Colleges:
California has over 116 community colleges! Click here to search for a school that would be a good fit for you! *** And did you know, California Community Colleges now offer the first 2 years of tuition for free when students fill out their FAFSA, are full time students, and stay in good standing. 

California State Universities:
With 23 campuses across California, there is bound to be a school for you. Click here to get information on all of the campuses, take virtual tours, look at majors offered, and check on admission requirements. 

University of California:
We have a UC in our backyard (hint, it is located in Davis)! Check out what the University of California system offers!