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Woodland High's Ebenezer Scrooge's Big Woodland Christmas Show: January 14th-17th
Woodland High School Performing Arts Presents:

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Woodland High School Performing Arts Presents:

ebenezer scrooge
The Woodland High School Performing Arts is quite jolly to present to you their holiday play, Ebenezer Scrooge’s Big Woodland Christmas Show! Yes, it’s after Christmas, but after the year we had in 2020, spreading the Holiday cheer a little longer couldn’t hurt. The production will look a little different this year, like many theatres, WHS performing arts had to re-think the way they perform. This play was recorded by students in their individual houses while connected via Zoom with other cast members. The videos were edited, making a full-length play for our audiences view safely from their own homes.

This magical play was written by Gordon Greenberg and Steve Rosen and based on the beloved story “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens’. The production is directed by Janet Sakona, with music advising by Micheal Loya, and involves 29 students from WHS Theatre and Choir departments both on screen and behind the scenes. Ebenezer Scrooge’s Big Woodland Christmas Show! is a drama-comedy that draws concepts from the classic Dickens’ tale but with a twist; instead of the entire story taking place across the pond in England, the main setting now takes place in our very own town of Woodland. The audience follows a cadaverous old grump named Ebenezer Scrooge (Mateo Escobedo) as he is forced to revisit his past, see the realities of some figures in his life in the present day, and learn what the future holds for him if he continues to be so greedy and cruel. Scrooge is guided through these timelines by the Ghost of Christmas Past (Kylie Koop), the Ghost of Christmas Present (Mateo Casas) and five helpful narrators (Garbiella Garcia, Charlotte Hession, Leila Kelly, Jessica Paoli, and Mia Rodriguez) as he learns that there is far much more value in helping others and being kind than can be found in all the riches in the world.

Other students involved in the production include: Talia Cadena (Mrs. Cratchit, team captain), Carlos Calzada (young/middle Scrooge), Avalon Carlson (Lavinia), Grace Chapin (Jean, Archibald), Emily Cortez (Prudence), Leslie Ensiso (crew), Kelly Ferrer (crew), Gabriella Garcia (Narrator 4, Fezzi, Jackie), Issac Gutierrez (crew), Charlotte Hession (Narrator 1, Leader of the Sons of Pitches), Mason Hildebrandt (Mr. Cratchit), Leila Kelly (Narrator 2, Purser), Kylie Koop (Ghost of Christmas Past), Erin Lacy (Issac, Charles), Yvette Lepe (crew), Jessica Paoli (Narrator 5, Tiny Tim), Hadley Robinson (Gertrude), Mia Rodriguez (Narrator 3, beggar woman), Devon Rothery (Fred, Jacob Marley), and Caroline Slater (Jennie, Lady Marmalade).

*Featured Voices for the Sons of Pitches Carolers: Avalon Carlson, Mateo Casas, Phillip Du, Gabriella Garcia, Charlotte Hession, Leila Kelly, Natahlia Limon, Kylie Mills, Jessica Paoli, Piper Ranns, Brooke Russo, William Vannucci, and Halie Wendt. (Organized by Leila Kelly and Charlotte Hession)

The Play was edited by Mateo Escobedo, Saul Escobedo and Janet Sakona.

Ebenezer Scrooge’s Big Woodland Christmas Show! Will be available to watch “view on demand” style from Thursday, January 14 through Sunday, January 17. Streaming service provided by Showtix4U. Tickets can be bought online with the following link . Tickets are $7.76 for individuals (includes a $2.76 processing fee) and $12.94 for family/group viewing (includes a $2.94 processing fee). Patrons rent the content for 48 hours. After purchase, patrons will receive an access code and a direct link. The 48 hours starts when the access code is entered or the direct link the Parton is given is clicked (But only from Jan. 14-17)  Tickets can be purchased in advance.

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