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Student Learning Objectives (SLOs)

Student Learning Objectives (SLOs)

(W)riter, reader, thinker, EXPLORER!

Literate Person/Complex Thinker:

  • Meets the content and performance standards in all academic and career/technical areas.
  • Produces work that reflects a variety of thinking, reasoning, and problem-solving skills.
  • Selects appropriate informational resources.
  • Questions, analyzes, and evaluates information to create solutions, produce work, and make decisions.
  • Explores opportunities to connect with an inner-spark: sports, art, music, clubs, etc.
(H)ears others and responds appropriately.

Effective Communicator:

  • Conveys messages, ideas, thoughts, feelings and beliefs to others through various methods.
  • Demonstrates the ability to implement a variety of communication techniques including written, auditory, visual, electronic, and nonverbal.
  • Listens carefully and responds appropriately.
  • Exhibits self-discipline and personal responsibility.
(S)erious about my future.

Self-Directed, Life-Long Learner:

  • Takes responsibility for setting personal and academic goals, both at WHS and beyond.
  • Creates a plan based on personal, academic, and career goals.
  • Selects, adjusts, monitors, and applies problem solving strategies.
  • Applies learning to real situations.
  • Shows respect for self, and others.