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Tardy Policy


Period 1

  (Tardy 3 or more times per week)

  First time - one hour detention and parent contact by parent liaison

  Second time - one hour detention and parent contact by VP

  Third time - one hour detention and parent/student conference with a VP

Period 1 - 7

  One tardy = 15 minute student detention after school with the student’s seventh period teacher.

Two or more tardies = student detention in the Wolf Room after school that day.

(15 minutes per tardy)

**Senior with modified schedules**

Detentions will be served at lunch before they leave.


**Failure to serve = lunch detention for missing plus regular detention makeup in Wolf Room.

**Further failures to serve will result in progressive discipline by administration.


**Participation in extracurricular activities including: dances, sports, music etc are dependent on being a positive, productive and professional member of the Wolfpack. This includes addressing consequences prior to the event.



Students seen leaving campus, found off campus, wandering campus or seen returning to campus during the school day will be considered truant. When a student is truant he/she will be assigned one (1) hour of After School Intervention and parent contact will be made. For excessive truancies, students will be walked to ISS for the remainder of the period and a parent meeting will be arranged to discuss the issue with an administrator, counselor and/or SRO.


Students can request make-up work for unexcused absences from their individual teachers. Teachers, at their discretion, may or may not grant these requests. The following is a sample list of unexcused absences:

  • Vacation;
  • Family need (other than personal illness or bereavement);
  • Truant to class;
  • Out of school suspension