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Parent Resources

Parent Resources

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Counselors are always available to meet with parents/guardians!

Please call us to set up an appointment (530) 661-5418.
Counseling Services for Students

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At Woodland High School we are very fortunate to have Licensed Clinical Counselors on campus a few days per week. Students can be referred to counseling by teachers, counselors, parents, or self-referral. Each student is aware of the referral and needs to have parent/guardian signature to proceed with receiving services.
Academic Supports

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Woodland High School is fortunate to have the Learning Resource Center on campus for students who need or would like extra academic support. The LRC is staffed with UCDavis tutors and peers who have excelled in specific academic areas. The LRC is available at lunch and after school.
Helpful Information for Parents of Seniors

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When helping your student prepare for the future, make sure to emphasize deadlines. Deadlines for SAT and ACT’s, College Applications, NCAA, Financial Aid, Scholarships, and Job Applications vary tremendously and failure to meet deadlines can be detrimental to future goals.

SAT registration:

ACT registration:

SAT Prep:

CSU Applications:

UC Applications:

Private University Applications:

CA Community Colleges:

College Planning:

Senior Year Calendar

Community Rescources

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Adolescent Family Life Program: (530) 661-2750

Alcoholics Anonymous: (800) 970-9040

Alateen: (800) 970-9040

Child Abuse Reporting: (800) 422-4453

CommuniCare, Hansen Family Health Center: (530) 405-2800

Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Center: (530) 662-1133 (24 Hour)

Suicide Prevention and Crisis Services of Yolo County: (530) 668-8445

Teen Clinic Hotline –general questions: (530) 758-1510 ext. 1436

Teen Clinic- Appointments: (530) 666-8960