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Woodland High School is fortunate to have the Learning Resource Center on campus for students who need or would like extra academic support. The LRC is staffed with UCDavis tutors and peers who have excelled in specific academic areas. The LRC is available at lunch and after school Monday through Friday.   
Graduation Requirements:

Graduation Requirements: iconGraduation Requirements:title

-History: 20 credits

10 credits: World History (10th grade)
10 credits: US History (11th grade)

-English: 40 credits (10 credits per year)

-Math: 30 credits (10 credits per year and the completion of Alegbra or Math 1)

-Science: 20 credits

10 credits: Life Science
10 credits: Physical Science
-Fine Art or World Language: 10 credits


-Government/Economics: 10 credits (12th grade)


-Physical Education: 20 credits (9th and 10th grade)


-Health: 5 credits (9th grade)

-Technology: 5 credits (9th grade)


-Elective Credits: 70 credits


Total: 230 credits + 40 hours community service