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2017-2018 WHS Clubs

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Club's Purpose

Bold Like Us (BLU)

Mr. Gomes


Work all together to achieve our dreams of sensations from outdoor activities. We will organize activities such as mountain biking, rock climbing, and hiking.

Brown Issues

Lizbeth Alvarado    (La Semilla)


Redefining the way POC are seen by promoting higher education, ending self-inflicted genocide, and focus on the effects patriarchy.

Chambers Singer

Mr. Loya


 Encourage a higher level of musical learning, productivity, and professionalism through chamber singing performance.

Cops Kids Art Club

Mr. Coppenger

Gain skills in social networking with meetings, art projects, and group discussions.


Mrs. Galbo


Discussion of biblical scriptures and then implication/application to current lives and events.


Mrs. Jensen

& Mrs. Wilson


Promote personal growth and leadership development through family and consumer sciences education. Focus on multiple roles of family members, wage earners, and community leader members. Develop skills for life.

Folklorico Club

Cesar Rincon

(La Semilla)


An after school extracurricular activity to promote Mexican traditions through dance, and to build pride of our roots and culture.


Gamer is Not an Insult


Mr. Gomes


Create at least one video game using the app called RPG Maker MV.

Gen Z Voices

Mr. Tamayo & Mr. Jagpal


Advocate for student voices to be heard and create an open-minded, safe environment to facilitate the discussion of differing political views and a platform for all voices.

Jazz Combo

Mr. Loya


Encourage a higher level of musical learning, productivity, and professionalism through jazz.

Key Club

Mrs. Fettig


Provide its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership skills.

Link Crew

Mrs. Fettig


Tap the potential and maximize the benefit of the existent Link Crew Program. These benefits include, but not limited to the following: increase sense of community, improved school culture and successful transition of new students.


Mr. Tamayo


Promote community service and embrace the Chicano/Latino community and culture.

Music Committee

Mr. Loya


Benefit the music program by gaining leadership qualities.

National Honor Society

Mrs. Rose


Create enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate a desire to render service, promote leadership, and develop character in the students of secondary schools.

Pit Orchestra

Mr. Loya


Encourage a higher level of learning, productivity, and professionalism through pit orchestra rehearsal and performance.

Puente Club

Mr. Dally & Mrs. Garcia


Provide information, motivation, and support for prospective college students, especially first generation.

Silk Screen

Mr. Coppenger


Create and foster student creativity and teach how to use silk screening equipment.

Skills USA

Stan Jones


Develop leadership and skill training in computer science.

WHS Dance Crew

Mrs. Sakona


For students to create, practice and perform dances. Students hope to perform during lunch activities, rallies, and special events.

WHS Drumline

Mr. Loya


Encourage a higher level of musical learning and to support WHS events such as Football home games, rallies, and outside performances.


WHS Phoenix LEO Club

Ms. Moreno & Mr. Loya


Encourage leadership skill development in students and give them opportunities to serve their community.


Woodland High School Interact

Mr. Delsol


Serve our school and community.

Woodland Youth Council

Lizbeth Alvarado (La Semilla)


Provide opportunities for students to acquire leadership building skills through student advocacy, workshops, and community service.