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Woodland High School offers a variety of clubs to give all students the opportunity to socialize with other students with common interests and talents.

Some clubs meet once a month, others meet every week to plan, organize and develop club activities, events and/or community improvements and partnerships. Some clubs have academic requirements to join.

Clubs are free and open to students and there is no limit to the number of clubs a student can join. Please note that the clubs offered can change from year to year depending on student interest and availability of club advisers.

The following clubs have been approved by the WHS Associated Student Body (ASB) for the 2019-20 school year:

Club Name


Anime Club

Michelle Triplett

Art Club

Alyssa Takahashi

C.A.S.L. Club

Alberto Tamayo


Simone Galbo

Drama Club

Janet Sakona


Sherrie Jensen

& Sarah Graves


Shweta Tendolkar

Gen Z Voices

Cliff Roberts

Silk Screening Club

Scott Coppenger

WHS Photography Club

Scott Coppenger