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Hello Wolves!! The current yearbook price is $75 until 1/31/20.
Purchase your yearbook before the price goes up to $85! 
Deadline to purchase your yearbook is 5/1/20!

Link to Yearbook Page
**Senior Spotlight Pages- Deadline: January 31st, 2020**
-You will create and order Senior Ads online at
-Yearbook staff will not create your senior ads for you:  Upload your own text and photos.
- Must be school appropriate! 
- The yearbook staff has the right to edit ads that do not follow school guidelines!

** All senior AD Purchases must be made by January 31st, 2020 or they will not make it in the yearbook. ** No exceptions!! 
Senior Ad Sales: Online until 1/31/20
Full Page: $175.00
1/2 Page: $125.00
1/4 Page: $75.00
1/8 Page: $50.00

Senior Formal Photos: The deadline to submit your formal photos if they were not taken by Prestige and want them to be featured in alphabetical order in the yearbook is December 20, 2019
*Email your Senior Formal Photos to in a jpeg format.*

Senior Quotes Submission Deadline: December 20, 2019 
Click on the link to submit your senior quotes for the yearbook before it’s too late!
Your quote must be appropriate and professional!
Any quotes that are not deemed appropriate will be thrown out with NO EXCEPTIONS!!