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WJSUD/GEL Sports Plan '20-'21

Updated Athletics Information - 3/30/2021

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Updated Athletics Information - 3/30/2021


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updated yolo county athletics spectator policy - 2 adults per athlete



All sports can begin practice 3/1/21.

season 1 sports grid 2021

Indoor sports are allowed to practice based on guidance from CDPH and Yolo county. Competitions will be contingent upon the colored tier of the county and what sport it is. 
season 2 sports grid 2021

Masks: Masks should be worn at all times by all individuals participating in the activity, even with heavy exertion as tolerated. Exceptions are Cross Country, Track, Swim. 
COVID safety protocols:  Pre-screening questions still need to be answered and temperatures taken upon arrival.  Each team will be provided with a PPE box.
Athletic Clearance:  All student-athletes must be cleared before practicing
Equipment:  All equipment required for each sport will be allowed on the first day of practice.
Multi-sports and Club sports:  WJUSD will allow student-athletes to compete in multiple sports in the same season.  Coaches for each sport need to communicate on how they allow student-athletes to compete in both (i.e. practices and competitions)
Transportation: WJUSD is providing transportation to away athletic competitions. 
GEL League Schedules:  The same schedules are in effect so original season 1 sports (swim, tennis, golf, cross country and football) will compete using those schedules.  
  • Preseason contacts (games) can be scheduled but League Games take precedent.  
  • Season 1 sports will conclude at the end of April 2021.
  • Baseball and softball may use the month of April to schedule preseason contacts (games) 
  • Season 2 sports league schedules will begin in May and league games should only be played.
 - Will have more information about levels of program
 - Reasoning is in case of rain outs, rescheduling can occur.
 - If the league opponent doesn’t field a team (JV or Varsity) then another contact (game) can be scheduled.  
 - Will have more information about levels of program
 - There will be no Frosh level games played this year.
Preseason Contacts:  Scheduling games should be made against schools that are in counties that touch borders with Yolo county. Those are Sacramento, Colusa, Sutter, Napa, Solano.  CDPH states that schools CAN'T travel or play teams if your counties don't touch. 
Spectators:No tickets will be sold to the general public. Will limit to immediate household members of athletes, per CDPH guidelines below. 
Outdoor Sports 
  • Limit observation of youth sports (age 18 years and under) to immediate household members, and for the strict purpose of age appropriate supervision.  This includes observation of practice and competition.  
  • This will be for home and away teams during competitions. 
  • Limit number of observers to ensure physical distance can be maintained, reduce potential crowding, and maintain indoor and outdoor capacity limits.
  • Observers maintain at least 6 feet from non-household members.
  • Face coverings to be worn by coaches, support staff and observers at all times, and in compliance with the CDPH Guidance for the Use of Face Coverings.
Indoor Sports
  • Consistent with restrictions by Tier in the Gym & Fitness Center Guidance Capacity.
    • Purple Tier: Limit observation of youth sports to immediate household members, and for the strict purpose of age appropriate supervision. 
    • Red Tier: 10% capacity
    • Orange Tier: 25% capacity
    • Yellow Tier: 50% capacity
Grades and Academic Requirements: All student-athletes are eligible to play during the Spring of 2021..   WJUSD Coaches and staff remain committed to assisting our student-athletes in pursuit of academic success.
What if we go back into the purple tier?
Answer: CDPH says that as long as the county is under 14 cases per 100,000 then all outdoor sports can continue.
What happens if a kid tests positive for COVID? 
  • No one with symptoms of COVID-19 or who is in isolation or quarantine for COVID-19 is permitted to attend practices or competitions.
  • Anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 should consult their physician for testing and notify their coach, athletic trainer and/or school administrator of their symptoms and test results.
  • Youths recovering from COVID-19 will have different paths to return to sports based on the severity of their illness.  See the American Academy of Pediatrics Interim Guidance on Return to Sports [1] for additional guidance for more serious infections.