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Raul Lopez standing in front of a wall.

Raul Lopez


It is with Woodland Pride we introduce Raul Lopez as the Star Student of Woodland High School.  Raul is a senior with a goal to complete college and work in a hospital in some capacity that will help people.  Raul is a hard worker and a dedication student so there is no doubt he will be successful in whatever he endeavors to accomplish.

          Raul is inspired by many people.  He is inspired most by his friends and his teachers, especially by one in particular.  “I’m inspired the most by Mr. Galicia.”  Raul is also an inspiration to many of his teachers.  “Raul is always gracious to offer his smile, positive towards every day and especially grateful for the opportunity to continually learn. He is my star student every day!”  He is such a pleasure to have in class.  “Raul gets along with everyone.  He has a great sense of humor and always makes us laugh.  He is a true friend to his classmates and helps them whenever he knows he can.”  He is a team player.  “Raul is a very sweet young man.  He is always willing to help.”  These are great characteristics for anyone to possess.  “I enjoy having Raul this semester, he always has a smile on his face. Raul is a student that is always prepared and eager to learn!”  He loves learning new things.  “Whenever I see Raul, he greets you with a sincere genuine smile and sheer excitement.”  His smile is very warming and contagious.  “Raul exemplifies what it means to be positive, productive, and professional.”

         Raul has enjoyed being in high school.  His favorite thing about it has been participating in color and design.  His least favorite is one particular class.  “My least favorite thing about high school is P.E.”   He does enjoy the rallies and remembers one of the funniest moments at one.  “At the rally, I saw people hitting Woody with a pillow.  That was really funny.”

          Raul has some great experiences while at Woodland High School.  One thing he regrets is that he will have to say goodbye to his friends.  He is not looking forward to that.  Raul is proud of his hard work and admits it was not always easy to do well.  “The hardest thing I ever tried to accomplish was completing the tests I did.”  Those were challenging but he did well.  He would like to leave a piece of advice to the freshmen that is very fitting.  “There are people her to help you and don’t worry.  You got this.”  He also advises those people who make noises in class to stop because some people have a hard time concentrating when there is a lot of noise.  He is one of them. 

          Raul has many hobbies but his favorite thing to do after school involves people close to him.  “My favorite thing after school is hanging out with my family and friends.”  As he moves onto his next chapter, he would like to be remembered at WHS for how happy he is, how much he loved school, and how very hard he worked while here.  He is a great example of positive, productive, and professional!  GO WOLVES!!