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Edgar Arreola

          It is with Woodland Pride we introduce Edgar Arreola as the Star Student of Woodland High School.  Edgar is currently a senior, planning to attend a four year college after graduation.  He hopes to earn a degree in business administration so he can start his own company and be on his way to making it prosper.  He is determined to do well and recognizes his own successes.  “I’m most proud of my determination and my ability to overcome obstacles; because of this I’ve been able to make it this far.”  He is driven to do well and be prosperous so he should be a true success story.  Edgar has been inspired by many people in his life, but he particularly mentions his parents. 

  • Polite, cheerful, on task, A+ hardworking, charmingly funny and kind, and devoted to getting into college and creating a great career—in addition to holding down a demanding job all this while. Personally, I hope he decides to be a teacher! 
  • I had the privilege to teach Edgar two years in Spanish. He is among the most courteous, respectful, reliable, hard-working students I ever had. He is  very passionate about literature -and his writing is so legible. That is a plus.
  • Edgar is a pleasure to have in class. Always polite and attentive, always on task and never hesitates to participate in class discussions.  His ability to balanced academic rigor and employment at In and Out goes to show that he is a well-rounded student!!!!
  • Edgar is a wonderful student. He is extremely hard working and responsible, and keeps up with his academics while maintaining a job and completing a ton of scholarships!